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see above Gary Lagden and Darren Lawrence     in Tangere’s A 1000 Slimy Things-the ryme of the Ancient Mariner 2012-13







Building on our collective experience, we aim to create plays which speak specifically to a particular age range (4-7/7-11/9-13/13-18), which can appeal not only to family audiences (parents and friends), but also to any age group in a direct and meaningful way.

In terms of the content of our plays, whether our starting point is a key social issue (bullying/alcohol and drugs/sex and relationships) or more usually the meaning of life, survival, contradiction, hope, aspiration, disappointment, love and living, we aim to offer something for every audience who are willing to experience our work.

“Tin Soldier”

by Noel Greig adapted from the story by Hans Christian Anderson

Director and Composer Lewis Gibson, Performed by Gary Lagden

Musicians -Christopher  Preece, and Nick Haward 

  produced by David Johnston

“….poetry that is beautifully matched….[with music that] transforms the story into an aural quilt…. as storyteller, Gary Lagden is commanding”

Lyn Gardner, THE GUARDIAN, November 2010

Tin Soldier was Noel Greig’s last play , before he died in 2009. It was his gift to the company, and the culmination of 7 years of work with us.During that period we moved from creating small shows in schools with Gary and David, with some recorded sound, to integrating Lewis and his amazing live music into the shows. Lewis has gone on to develop extraordinary lighting in addition  to his music, and then taking the direction of our latest shows on his shoulders

His new production, “A Thousand Slimy Things” , is an extraordinary piece, of which we are very proud!


created by Maggie Ford, Ava Hunt, Roger Knott-Fayle & Andy Purves

I’m no Hero performed at 2010 Edinburgh Festival and received 4/5 star reviews, following two tours in schools, colleges and theatres in the East Midlands.  The performance is a new multi-media docu-drama theatre performance for young people and adult audiences.

I’m No Hero weaves the true stories of Irena Sendler who smuggled 2,500 Jewish children from Nazi occupied Warsaw to safety in potato sacks and toolboxes, together with Rachel Corrie, a young American who in 2003, stood up for the lives of ordinary Palestinians only to lose her life under the wheels of an Israeli bulldozer.

We look through a window at the people who stand on the street corners of history – on the edges of world events – but do any of us stand alone?”

This production will appeal to anyone who has an interest in the way both past and current conflicts, particularly events as they  continue to unfold in the Middle East and how this affect ordinary people’s lives, and asking the question:

Why do ordinary people do something extraordinary for people they don’t even know?


The true story of Hansel and Gretel by Noel Greig


Two hungry children abandoned in the woods.   A delicious house made of gingerbread.   Hansel is not as brave as he boasts he is.  Gretel is bolder than she thought she could be.  The witch has a scheme that doesn’t quite work out. And the duck learns just how wise he can be….

This commission was  written by Noel Greig, one of the country’s leading playwrights for young children, and directed by David Johnston. The show featured our lead actor Gary Lagden, and composer musician Lewis Gibson. “Hansel & Gretel” uses rich poetic language, live music, movement, and a strong visual style performing in the round.


By Noel Greig

see link to Youtube –   Hood performance

Hood in the Wood” is written by Britain’s premier playwright for children Noel Greig as a one man show with live music. “Hood in the Wood” has been Tangere Arts most successful show touring to schools, rural communities, theatres, festivals both nationally and internationally.  The show performed at the 2008 Edinburgh International Children’s Theatre Festival “Imaginate”, Moscow’s International Children’s Festival and toured extensively throughout Denmark for Caravannen Festival.This was the first production in the Noel Greig trilogy, featuring Gary Lagden and Lewis Gibson, and directed by David Johnston.

See link to Youtube   –Hood workshop

This traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood is written in rich poetic language which explores growing up and separation from parents.  “Hood in the Wood” has been made into a powerful performance piece enabling young audiences to experience the theatre as well as involve themselves in a participatory workshop afterwards.

The piece is performed by Gary Lagden,  and composer musician, Lewis Gibson.


directed by Ansell Broderick using African stories, songs & music

“I Feel Like Dancing” is a devised piece of storytelling using traditional African children’s stories with music, drumming, song and dance.

Who’s that hiding behind those trees?  Eyes peep through the jungle, sounds in the bush?  Could be fun…  Join Anansi the spider, the talking toad, tortoise, elephant, tiger, grasshopper and hare – join in their dances as they play tricks on each other one hot day in the steamy African jungle.

“I Feel Like Dancing” is a fun exploration of cultural diversity,  African and African-Caribbean rhyme, rhythm, songs and dance for very young audiences.  The show lasts approximately 35 minutes and can be performed with a participatory workshop – singing and dancing (lasts approximately 20).

The project was created by Ansell Broderick, and featured Ava Hunt and Duane Hannibal, with music by Roy Johnson.



Face 2 Face tells a story about Jonah, a young boy, and an extraordinary day in his life where a range of adventures occur. Jonah is a Spiderman fan and his day’s experiences certainly weave a tangled web around him!

He encounters a range of other people, some, who want to be friends, and others?……Follow Jonah on his adventure, and decide with him

Face 2 Face, directed by Rachael Savage, ex-Trestle Associate Director, featuring Ava Hunt and Gary Lagden,is a full mask performance mime for audiences three and above.  For Key Stage One PSHE curriculum: Face2Face will encourage audiences to develop speaking and listening skills and playing co-operatively with each other.


featuring Sally Siner

Devised by Sally and Gary Lagden

Lauren tells the story of a woman who lives alone.  Although surrounded by people in the bar where she works, surrounded by her family at home, Lauren lives in a world of her own, lonely, defiant, yet desperate.  But tonight, when the pub closes she has something to say to you…..

Lauren explores issues around drinking and anti-social drinking and anti-social behaviour for all of us.  It is very funny, entertaining, challenging, and, at times, quite embarrassing!

Lauren is a one woman show lasting 45 minutes, and is accompanied by an equally challenging and entertaining workshop of 15 minutes, using forum theatre, and a range of inter-active Drama processes.


created by Gary Lagden and David Johnston

Digger is a one-man performance/workshop, created by Gary Lagden, originally based on the play”Broken Angel” by nationally renowned writer, Lin Coghlan, which traces the downfall of a middle-aged alcoholic, presented to young people in his own words

Digger has been performed to a wide group of audiences, from 9 year olds to adults, in schools, centres, at conferences, and festivals, and its message has always hit home.The performance is always accompanied by an interactive workshop, using forum and Hot-seating techniques.


devised by the team

All singing, all dancing, Partytime is the ultimate show for teenagers, demonstrating the pleasures, and the pitfalls of Binge Drinking, especially for those of us who are under-age. Originally commissioned by Derby City’s Health Advisory team, and Derby PCT( Primary Care Trust) the performance examines the fate of 3 young people on an exciting night out, which has severe consequences for all concerned.Using music, movement, and constant audience interaction, this performance /workshop has passed on vital messages to young people for the last 6 years


devised by the team

Babes, featuring Sally Siner and Anthony Adesida (above) was the company’s first and main contribution to the theme of Sex and Relationships Education in the East Midlands

A simple love story, featuring the music of Elvis Presley, Babes attempted to unravel the complications of Boy/Girl relationships, in a humorous, yet hard-hitting way, for young people who were anticipating the pleasures and pitfalls of sexual relationships, but who were unlikely to have engaged in them already. Played to large numbers of lower Secondary students across the East Midlands, the play was , and is, a highly entertaining performance and interactive workshop, which poses the eternal question:-” Can boys and girls really be just friends?”


Written by Anne-Marie Fraiter

Settling The Score by Anne-Marie Frater was Tangere Arts first commission, directed by Ava Hunt, Dramaturge by Lin Coghlan and produced by David Johnston.  Tangere Arts were one of the few arts organisations ever to receive funding from Sports England to tour a production into schools and youth clubs examining the issues around football and racisim.

THE LORAX by Dr Seuss

The Lorax was Tangere’s first show and exploration into developing one person performances. Performed by Ava Hunt, with support from Lewis Gibson (music), Roger Watkins, Geoff Bullen and Bill Mitchell (design & direction), formerly of Kneehigh and Theatre Centre, and now in charge of Award-winning Wildworks, this play delighted young and old alike, and is due a revival, speaking to our times in a very exciting way.



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