Workshops and interactive work

Alongside Tangere’s highly esteemed performance work, we have always had a major commitment both to direct audience engagement, interactive activity, and a range of both preparatory and follow-up workshops for our shows, both to stimulate thought and continue the development of ideas. These have usually functioned in the Drama area, but have also included film, video, dance, music, sound development,and general literacy, including speaking and listening, presentation and performance skills for the young people themselves.  Our workshops are lively, fun, and sometimes a lttle wild!

Drama Workshops

Tangere Art associates have been developing a range of highly interactive workshops, using performance, Forum Theatre and Hot seating techniques, as well as group discussion and evaluation for between 10 and 40 years.Our approach is always based on starting with the experience og young people, and then developing and exploring issues, from their own experience towards a wider social framework.

David Johnston and Ava Hunt both trained with Augusto Boal and use Forum Theatre as a basis to empower and inspire participants. Our workshops have been delivered nationally and internationally, however, we also work with a range of specialist professional arts practitioners from different cultural backgrounds and art forms to complement and develop the core of our work.  We have regularly worked with Creative Partnerships in Nottingham, Derby and Derbyshire creating highly innovative residencies using drama and theatre skills.

Recent projects have included

  • Drama workshops throughout Nottinghamshire, Derby, and Derbyshire, on literacy development
  • Film and video projects, including Stop-Animation
  • Presentation and confidence-building workshops
  • Anti-bullying workshops in Derbyshire schools
  • Development of approaches to Epic Poetry across the region, funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

Past projects have included:  Transition, Young Offenders, Drugs Education, Refugees and Racism, Environmental issues, HIV/AIDS, Teenage Pregnancy,  Bullying, confidence and self-esteem, conflict resolution, listening and speaking skills, and workshops that support the development of GCSE drama and filming skills. For example:

Moving on Up has toured successfully for six years now to primary and secondary schools throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby City and Derbyshire to support secondary schools to support year 6 pupils, who are moving to new schools in the Autumn term.

Moving on Up uses theatre to present two identifiable characters – Georgia & Alex – using Abba music, song and action.  This is followed by an participatory workshop, allowing the audience to join in offering their ideas for change.

Anti-Bullying workshops can be delivered throughout the year for schools to support on-going schemes of work and transition/visit days.

Workshops with Young Offenders

“Not doing crime”

“Not carrying a knife on the streets”

“Better things in life”

“Think twice about carrying a knife”

Comments from young people completing the programme

I cannot identify any areas of improvement.  This group has been tremendous support to the Nottingham Attendance Centre

Nottingham Youth Offenders Team: Colin Parr

Body Image Workshops

These two visit workshops were commissioned by Amber Valley Health Authority in 2004 and ran until 2007 visiting primary, training teachers, working with parents this programme of work was a comprehensive package that explored attitudes to growing up, sex and relationships education, healthy eating and have a positive attitude towards our bodies, health and well being.  The workshops won various awards and the company worked closely with Health practitioners and Local Education Authorities to deliver the work across the Amber Valley area and into Derby City.

The company has a wide range of associates, who can offer a range of projects across the arts spectrum in a range of areas, especially including, literacy, numeracy, Health and well-being.

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