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Chris Preece and Jay Lusted in Follow Me by Mike Kenny, directed by Phil Clark

june 2nd 2016  the Berry Theatre-Hedge End , Hampshire

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Dear Friends-Welcome to 2016!





Not to be missed!  World Premiere!





  • It will be fun
  • -and we invite you to join us in June for the new production-
  • performances June 1 and 2 in Eastleigh, Hampshire, and onwards!

If you want to visit us at  THE BERRY THEATRE

please contact the  the box office-

02380 652333-and see below-

janice very final flyer Front cover

We enclose information for our forthcoming show

-Follow Me-The Pied Piper Retold–In association with our excellent colleagues at The Point, Eastleigh

To be performed at The Berry Theatre

Hedge End, Hampshire June 1/2nd 2016

For further information, please contact

BOX OFFICE at Eastleigh

02380 652333



on June 1st 11am,

and June 2nd  11am and 2pm


see link to Berry website

: https://www.theberrytheatre.co.uk/whats-on/summer-16/follow-me/



Written by the amazing Mike Kenny and directed by the wonderful Phil Clark

this should not be missed!

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It explores Robert Browning’s classic poem about Hamelin Town from the point of view of the Lame Boy

The sole survivor!

-and also asks questions about greed, social change, the way to move forward in a world of greed

How can we keep our word in a country full of liars?

With music and laughter, this solo performance should not be missed!

Coming shortly! 


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The Real Pied Piper show

-by Mike Kenny( and Robert Browning)

for 7 year olds and over, and everyone!

Merry Christmas to all friends and supporters

Much love from the Tangere Arts team


tel  01629583533


 Dear Friends-we move on!

2015 has been a difficult year for many of us in the independent sector

2016  presents an opportunity for the company to examine its part in the Arts community,

not just presenting productions,

but also presenting and facilitating

young professionals and emerging companies

Please feel free to contact us at

admin@tangere-arts.co.uk   tel.01629583533

we are especially keen to hear from theatre artists based in India, and/or with a current link to that country

Dear friends of Tangere,   and newcomers to the site we are now moving on

Following our success with Pardoner’s Tale in London, Bath, and Manchester in 2014 we continue to examine issues around greed, pride, and community engagement in a powerful, light-hearted , but serious manner!

we are now creating a new project

  • THE PIED PIPER/  FOLLOW ME! -an integrated project

based on the excellent Victorian poem , written by Robert Browning-we are researching and developing a new show -working with our colleagues and partners, London’s Unicorn Theatre and Graeae Theatre -and hopefully with other regular and new partners, Manchester Royal Exchange/Bath egg/Derby Theatre/York/Birmingham Rep, and many others we are planning to create a new show for autumn spring 2016  onwards for 7-11 year olds, parents, families and the wider community, regionally, nationally, internationally

It will be written by Mike Kenny, the country’s major writer for children and young people, and backed up by a hugely experienced team

The show will be our first attempt to bring excellent disabled artists to a mainstream young peoples audience. Working with our excellent colleagues at Graeae, alongside colleagues and partners in London , Manchester, and nationally, we intend to create a project and a piece of work, dealing with greed, truth and the need to participate, which will challenge young audiences perception of the Establishment, in an entertaining and provocative way










OUR LATEST SUCCESS is THE PARDONER’S TALE -FEATURING ACTOR GARY LAGDEN the brilliant  musicians Christopher Preece and Hannah Marshall 2.praise delord mini We are as very small company, trying to achieve the highest class of Children’s theatre, young people’s Theatre, TYA, TIE,  – call it what you like! basically the best professional theatre available for children, young people, and especially for adults We are a group of free-lance artists , who are dedicated to provide the very best challenging, innovative work, for the community, mainly young people in theatres, especially where friends, family, parents, carers are involved We tend to work currently by using classical texts, poetry, music, solo /two -handed performances, with excellent actors, excellent musicians, and excellent  support artists in design/lighting/production in order to illuminate classical texts, mainly classical poetry, but also classic stories, either old or new! to discover the hidden truths that lie below them, and are often hidden or sadly disguised or denied! we are currently planning to perform our excellent new show The Pardoners Tale it is available at Bath egg                              from June 12-14th http://www.theatreroyal.org.uk/page/3030/The+Pardoners+Tale/835 and Manchester Royal Exchange            from June 18th -28th http://www.royalexchange.co.uk/event.aspx?id=792 you must come!

  • written and directed by the brilliant Lewis Gibson
  • designed by Rebecca Hurst
  • Lighting by Ben Pacey


  • performed by the amazing Gary Lagden

see reviews

We are currently also  working on a version of Robert Browning’s The Pied Piper of Hamlyn and looking to make that exciting for an audience of 7-11s in 2015 as well as hopefully using the text to raise relevant questions for young people today see below reviews Please support us David Johnston  Director Tangere Arts   WELCOME TO YOU ALL! see above and  below Unicorn season brochure Pardoner page v2 8 Dear friends having had such success at the Unicorn       please check their websites for information Please feel free to contact Tangere www.tangere-arts.co.uk or myself admin@tangere-arts.co.uk on 01629583533 /07803240883 All best David Johnston see below!

Welcome to the New Year! –New austerity- New Greed  -NEW HOPES? NEW FEARS? NEW OPPORTUNITIES!!!! Come and see Tangere’s new show-THE AMAZING The Pardoner’s Tale  – co-production with the country’s Leading Children’s Theatre -at London’s Unicorn Theatre Jan 16th -Jan 30th 2014 All Best DAVID JOHNSTON-TANGERE ARTS   See enc flyer  and  below for our teaser trailer lnk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvGm1WMUHR4&feature=youtu.be Written, composed and directed by Lewis C Gibson Actor Gary Lagden 16 – 31 JAN 2014 FOR AGES 7PLUS! and families friends and even/especially  grannies! Designer Rebecca Hurst Lighting Designer Ben Pacey Musicians Hannah Marshall & Christopher Preece Produced by David Johnston Book online: https://www.unicorntheatre.com/the-pardoners-tale or call 020 7645 0560 UNICORN A Unicorn Theatre and Tangere Arts co-production- ADAPTED FREELY FROM GEOFFREY CHAUCER’S THE PARDONER’S TALE Directed and composed by Lewis Gibson adapted by Lewis Gibson Actor Gary Lagden Musicians Chris Preece/Hannah Marshall Tangere Arts are delighted to inform you of their new production, in partnership with London’s National Theatre for Children and young people The Unicorn for young pilgrims and families. Please do join us, and our partners at London’s Unicorn Theatre for an hour of songs, stories and some good old penitence. THE PARDONER’S TALE COME PILGRIMS COME… Let us introduce you to the Pardoner, a mischievous fellow who has a few theatrical tricks up his sleeve. He’s going to tell you the simple tale of three men who set out on a journey to get rich quick, a journey that quickly turns sour once temptation stands in their path Accompanied by a live score of music, songs and intriguing sound effects created by two amazing onstage musicians, Gary Lagden leads Tangere Arts’ latest adaptation – bringing their honest charm and brilliant wit to Chaucer’s 700-year-old tale. Reviews- from previous shows ‘It’s all in the mind’s eye, thrillingly fashioned in Lagden’s physical creation of each individual element of the narrative,in Greig’s poetic script and in the bittersweet tale….                                            Independent on Tin Soldier                       June 2012 .distinctive mix of storytelling, physical theatre and live music… that always leaves room for the audience to bring  their own imaginations!                                                     Guardian on    A Thousand Slimy Things     Feb 2013   Tangere Arts-  Winners of the Offies ( Off West –end Awards)   with “Tin Soldier”  for Best  Production for Young People -2012     Tel  01629583533   -e-mail admin@tangere-arts.co.uk http://tangerearts.co.uk/wp       plus working with partners BATH EGG THEATRE JUNE 12/13/14th and then MANCHESTER ROYAL EXCHANGE Studio June 18th-28th Meanwhile we search for funds from Foundations and other funders to back up our Literacy Development work and look forward to the Future !!!!! AS WE HOPE YOU DO ALSO BEST WISHES DAVID JOHNSTON on behalf of the Tangere team               Hi Friends Please note our address is now 2 West View Church St Tansley Matlock Derbyshire DE4 5FE   E-mail admin@tangere-arts.co.uk   Our phone is 01629 583533   our mobile 07803240883   Much love to all supporters   DAVID AND TEAM

IT was our 10TH ANNIVERSARY ON FEB 2ND- WE SURVIVED- BEST WISHES TO ALL FELLOW ARTS SURVIVORS! YOU CAN DO IT TOO    !!!!!! http://www.buttonbadges.co.uk/Art_Of_Badge_Making.htm special thanks to George Marshall We are touring regionally/nationally/internationally , starting in May /June at the wonderful THE SPARK FESTIVAL inJune 2013 following our recent success at London’s Unicorn Theatre see below  A  THOUSAND SLIMY THINGS coming to LEICESTER CURVE soon May 30th/June 1st   BE THERE!   “The wedding festivities are under way. The glasses are primed for a toast when one of the guests feels compelled to make a terrible confession. The mood changes from joy to dread. That’s the starting point for the latest show for young audiences from the excellent Tangere Arts, a company whose distinctive mix of storytelling, physical theatre and live music has produced a number of hits, including The Tin Soldier. “ Lyn Gardner-The Guardian   June 2012  **** Guardian review link http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/2012/jun/17/thousand-slimy-things-review

  • Daily Post reviewlink


  • Whatsonstage review  link


  • Kevin Bourke’s review/interview.


  • The Good Review


  • and finally

http://www.houseoftheorangemonkey.co.uk/monkey/events/event90.ht   Tangere’s “Tin Soldier” by Noel Greig won first prize for “Best production  for Young People” in Feb 2012 at the OFFIES( Off West End Awards A ship,a dead bird,and a whole lot of water ” AN HOURS-LONG SHOW THAT ALWAYS LEAVES ROOM FOR THE AUDIENCE TO BRING THEIR OWN IMAGINATIONS… WHERE THE MONSTERS LURK NOT JUST IN THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN,BUT ALSO IN THE DEEP RECESSES OF THE GUILTY MIND” Lyn Gardner    ****                                           The Guardian June 18th 2012 Tangere Arts +Royal Exchange present ATHOUSAND SLIMY THINGS Based on THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Director and composer Lewis Gibson Performers -Gary Lagden and Darren Lawrence Musician Christopher Preece Adapted by Sally Siner and Lewis Gibson Lighting Designer  Richard Owen Producer for Tangere Arts -David Johnston tel 01629583533                                   address admin@tangere-arts.co.uk 2 west View,Church St, Tansley,Derbyshire DE4 5FE Now Booking:

                        “A Thousand Slimy Things”

based on “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge A CO-PRODUCTION WITH MANCHESTER ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE commissioned by Manchester Royal Exchange   Drama workshops will also be touring schools in 2013 in advance of performances, please contact the company for more information. admin@tangere-arts.co.uk tel 01629583533           STOP PRESS! STOP PRESS! COMING NEXT YEAR June 2013 The Spark International Festival and touring Hood in the Wood by Noel Greig   TANGERE’S biggest success to date , is being toured nationally watch this space see review below Lyn Gardner Tuesday January 15, 2008 The Guardian Noel Greig’s pungent retelling of Little Red Riding Hood takes you deep into the woods and snares you in the thickets of the imagination. It gets the balance of nasty and nice, scary and safe, just right. This is a show about fear and stereotyping, the path we all have to take to get through the woods and how sometimes we have to find the wild side of our nature in order to survive. Its final images owe something to the seductive hairiness of Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber – not bad for a show aimed at seven- to 11-year-olds. Greig and the director, David Johnston, constantly subvert expectations in a show where the spit and poetry of the writing is cleverly given extra layers by Lewis Gibson’s live music and sound accompaniment. Here, the tamed, urban world is at odds with nature, and it only gradually emerges why Little Hood’s mother is an uptight obsessive-compulsive, estranged from her wild, wandering mother who lives far away in the woods. Played out on a bare stage with just four blood-red chairs, this simple piece of storytelling becomes emotionally, psychologically and theatrically sophisticated, largely due to Gibson’s sound-effects contributions. He offers everything from the deadening tick-tock of Little Hood’s home to the bubbling burps of the interior of the wolf’s stomach, where, Jonah-like, Little Hood and Granny find themselves. Gary Lagden gives a tour-de-force performance, playing mother, child, granny and wolf with verve; he has the trick of reaching out to the audience to both scare and settle them. This is a first-rate piece of storytelling that will make children squeal with terrified delight and parents shiver with recognition  www.tangere-arts.co.uk /wp/

    tel.    01629583533     Tangere Arts is a theatre company based in rural Derbyshire, which provides a wide range of theatre performances and educational workshops, mainly to children, young people and community audiences within the East Midlands Region, but also nationally and internationally. Tangere Arts is a registered charity.